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Defense & Private Attorney Examinations

The most successful defense attorneys routinely employ the polygraph technique to assist in developing their defense strategy. As a defense attorney, Federal Polygraph Investigations (FPI) offers you the invaluable resource of testing your client by means of the polygraph. This can benefit you and your client in the following ways:

  • It can help you to assess the credibility of your client via the same testing techniques utilized by law enforcement polygraph examiners, especially those utilized by the FBI.
  • It can help you to make a more informed decision about how to go about representing your client and offer you a greater sense of confidence in your defense strategy.
  • It gives your client the ability to experience the polygraph testing process prior to a law enforcement polygraph.
  • As a retired FBI Special Agent and Polygraph Examiner, Dr. Beyer will privately and confidentially expose your client to questioning techniques and strategies that can be anticipated from law enforcement personnel.
  • As FPI is independent of your legal practice, the relationship between you and your client are not negatively impacted by the results of the polygraph testing process.
  • As a career FBI employee and federally-trained polygraph examiner, the results of an FPI polygraph examination will likely have more influence with federal, state, and local prosecutors as compared to those examiners with lesser or no law enforcement experience.

Once the polygraph is conducted, you can anticipate that you will immediately be verbally advised of the examination results.  A thorough written report will then be generated and forwarded to you.  It is important to note that the information obtained during the course of the polygraph testing process, as well as the written report, will remain confidential and part of your attorney work product.

As you consider having your client submit to a polygraph examination, it is critically important for you to select the most qualified polygraph examiner.  As a retired FBI Special Agent, as a certified FBI Polygraph Examiner, and as a Ph.D. in Psychology, Dr. Beyer has the unmatched professionalism, knowledge, skills, experience, and integrity to afford you and your client the most reputable polygraph testing process.

Therapeutic-based Examinations

Within therapeutic and addiction treatment settings, polygraph testing is increasingly being employed to assist in treatment.  This is particularly true in situations relating to infidelity, addiction, and relational issues in which a loved one’s behavior continues to be an area of concern for family members.  As a result, polygraph testing has proven to be an invaluable technique in assessing the credibility of clients and mates when it comes to issues like faithfulness, sobriety, and pornography addiction.  As a retired FBI Polygraph Examiner and Special Agent, as well as having earned a Ph.D. in Psychology, Dr. Beyer is in the unique position of being able to provide the highest level of polygraph testing while remaining sensitive to underlying psychological and behavioral considerations.

Polygraph testing can offer invaluable assistance for therapists, clients, recovering addicts, and family members in the following ways:

  • It offers a proven way of assessing the truthfulness of an examinee.
  • It helps to ensure accountability and provide a clear indicator of therapeutic commitment for those clients being treated for issues of addiction.
  • It can help recovering addicts to demonstrate to their partners their trustworthiness and rule out suspected behaviors and actions.
  • It ensures a full and vetted disclosure document prior to therapeutic disclosure meetings. This can greatly expedite recovery efforts.
  • It helps to validate the suspicions of therapists, family members, and intimate partners.
  • It can help to mitigate racing or runaway thoughts by ruling out those behaviors and actions that a partner may have suspected that the recovering addict was involved in. This can also prove beneficial if a partner later doubts that the recovering addict’s disclosures were full and complete at the outset of therapy.
  • Periodic polygraph testing can also help ensure that the recovering addict is abiding by therapeutic milestones and objectives.

For therapeutic and addiction recovery efforts to be effective, honesty is of critical importance.  Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Beyer at Federal Polygraph Investigations for a free consultation of how polygraph can assist you with your therapy goals.

Infidelity & Domestic Examinations

Committed relationships can be a great source of joy.  Unfortunately, distrust can often ruin these relationships.  A polygraph examination can help to end the second-guessing when it comes to issues like infidelity, addictive behaviors, and financial concerns.  Establishing credibility in regards to these issues can be particularly important during the divorce process.  A discreet and professional polygraph examination by Federal Polygraph Investigations (FPI) can help to rebuild trust, allay fears, and bring closure to the issues that arise during times of domestic uncertainty.

Contact FPI today if you want to learn the truth and put your mind at ease.  Each matter will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine if the polygraph can assist you in your unique circumstance.

Insurance Matters

The Insured:

Insurance coverage can often be a difficult and risky undertaking for both the insured and the insurer.  As a result, these types of disputes can frequently become time-consuming, costly, and exhausting.  For the customer who is seeking insurance coverage or who has already had a claim denied, a neutral and unbiased polygraph examination by Federal Polygraph Investigations (FPI) can help to prove your truthfulness in the disputed matter.  Contact FPI today for a free consultation and to see how a polygraph examination by FPI can help you.

The Insurance Company:

For the insurance company seeking to resolve an issue under dispute, the polygraph technique can help to validate or disprove the statements made by the insured.  Requesting the insured to take a neutral and unbiased polygraph examination provided by Federal Polygraph Investigations (FPI) can quickly and affordably resolve the matter under dispute or encourage the insured to withdraw a fraudulent claim.  Save your company time and money by settling your dispute with FPI.  Contact FPI today for a free consultation.

Personal Matters

In life, it can sometimes be necessary to demonstrate truthfulness in order to resolve a problem.  This can include disputes between family members, claims of domestic violence, accusations of drug, alcohol, or pornography use, suspensions from school, allegations of cheating, etc.  When these issues arise, there is no better method than the polygraph to prove your honesty and trustworthiness, and there is no better place than Federal Polygraph Investigations (FPI) to help you in this undertaking.  Contact FPI today for a free and confidential consultation.

False Confession Consultation

Bradford J. Beyer, Ph.D., the founder of Federal Polygraph Investigations (FPI), is not only a retired Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but he has a great deal of knowledge and experience in the phenomenon of False Confessions.  He has conducted original doctoral research into the issue of False Confessions and the manner in which federal and state law enforcement polygraph examiners and interrogative specialists conduct effective interrogations.  His research and his study of the existing false confession literature has culminated in the following works:

  • “False Confessions from the Viewpoint of Federal Polygraph Examiners” (Doctoral dissertation, 2016)
  • False Confessions: A Handbook for FBI Polygraph Examiners and Assistant United States Attorneys (2017).
  • “Interrogative Specialists and False Confessions: Debunking the Con Artist Myth” (Peer-reviewed journal article, 2018)
  • “Re-thinking the False Confession Phenomenon: A Law Enforcement Perspective” (Book published by Defiance Press, 2023)

Dr. Beyer has also conducted numerous blocks of instruction regarding false confessions to various groups across the United States.  These groups were comprised of hundreds of federal, state, and local law enforcement officers as well as psychological professionals and include the following:

  • Society for Police and Criminal Psychology
  • American Polygraph Association
  • American Association of Police Polygraphists
  • Virginia Polygraph Association
  • North Carolina Polygraph Association
  • Michigan Association of Polygraph Examiners
  • International Homicide Investigators Association
  • National Center for Credibility Assessment
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Polygraph Program
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Great Lakes Violent Crime Seminar
  • United States Customs and Border Patrol
  • Walden University

Dr. Beyer was also awarded the Edward Shaffer Award for Best Research Presentation for his work on false confessions during the 2018 annual conference of the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology.  He has also consulted on state and federal investigations regarding the issue of false confessions.

As a career FBI agent, polygraph examiner, criminal interrogator, published author, presenter, and contributing university professor, Dr. Beyer is in the unique position of being able to offer valuable insight into the false confession issue from both an academic and practitioner perspective.  He is available to consult with defense attorneys presented with a suspected false confession by their client; prosecutors anticipating false confession expert witness testimony from the defense; and law enforcement officers interested in learning more about this very important issue.  Contact Federal Polygraph Investigations (FPI) today to see how we can help.

Training Topics

As a career Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Dr. Beyer has provided countless trainings and presentations to federal, state, and local law enforcement officers, as well as students ranging from elementary school to graduate school.  The following is a list of some of the presentations/trainings that Federal Polygraph Investigations (FPI) is able to provide to your school, organization, or department:

  • Polygraph and the History of Deception Detection
  • The Psychology of Espionage
  • Interviewing and Interrogation
  • Identifying Deception During Interviews
  • Fundamentals of Crisis Negotiation
  • Suicide Assessment and Intervention
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • False Confessions: The Problem, the Research, and the Realities
  • Interrogative Specialists and False Confessions: Debunking the Con Artist Myth
  • Investigative Uses of the Polygraph
  • Neonaticide: Examination of an Inadequate Personality
  • Interrogative Techniques and False Confessions: A Comparison of the Experiences of State and Federal Polygraph Examiners
  • The Clinician and the Cop: Examining the Similarities in Information-Gathering Techniques in Psychology and Law Enforcement
  • A Personality-focused Approach to Investigative Interviewing
  • False Confessions: Avoiding the Pitfalls

If your department or organization is interested in any of the aforementioned trainings or related topics, please contact Federal Polygraph Investigations (FPI) to see how we can help.